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About me

Khaled was born in Havana, Cuba in 1992. His mother is Cuban, his father is Syrian. At the age of seven, his family moved to Syria. He is now based in Dubai, UAE. He started painting from a very early age and won several national children's art competitions. As a teenager he was selected by the Syrian government to represent his country in Cairo International Art Competition in 2004, receiving important recognition for his work.

His art is a mixture of hyperrealism and pop art, a mixture that preserves realism but presents it in a modern aesthetic frame.

Examining Khaled's paintings transcends the viewer out of traditional realism and the on-the-ground world, the one we know and perceive having its own physical and natural rules, into a multi-dimensional world that resembles our own reality but with its own unique physical and time state.

His infatuation with fashion and jewelry, since he was a kid, left an evident mark on his art and paintings and is a fundamental component of the composition of his embodiments, it's what modernizes his work to keep it in tune with modern day time and trends.

Khaled has consistently been exhibiting work in solo and collective shows in Syria, Egypt, Cuba, Canada, and the UAE.